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There are certain pathologies that affect women in particular. In addition to these pathologies, there are certain complications and ordeals that women experience, such as the loss of self-confidence or a difficulty to be taken seriously…


Women's Health

Being sick when you are a woman: to specifically support women who are ill, Carenity has created a forum that is wholly dedicated to women’s health.

There are numerous issues that women experience when they are suffering from a chronic illness:

-Difficulty to be taken seriously by healthcare professionals, especially concerning the diagnosis of endometriosis.

-Taboo aspects of illnesses, such as the experience of incontinence or cancer of the vulva

-Loss of self-confidence; especially following menopause or genital prolapse. A disease that affects the patient aesthetically, such as cancer or lipedema (or restless leg syndrome) can be difficult to cope with.

-A drop in libido that is sometimes related to pain during a sexual act (orgasmic dysfunction, dysfunction related to sexual interest and excitement, genito-pelvic pain, dyspareunia ...)

Discuss these topics together to challenge taboos and make a change!


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