Depression does not define who you are

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on 8/13/16

Hi Phil,

I agree that the medication is good to help you become more rested and think a bit clearer, so that you can work on the techniques and tools to make you a stronger person. 

I was a member of another forum which I left after some of the members just wanted to talk and argue about politics. It end up with them being unkind to the volunteer admin team who deleted the posts and reminded them it was a health forum.

I just didn't like how horrible they were and wanted to find somewhere a bit more pro-active where I can talk to like minded people when I am having a tough day, or share in the good days and new things I have found.

You are right about it being different for different people my Dad is in his late 60s and just doesn't get that I can be fine one day and then the next I just want to hide and not see anyone. 

People don't realise how hard it is and how much your self-esteem and self-confidence can be effected.

I had to give up my sporting club because of the way some of the other members who I thought we're good friends were treating me. They just couldn't see how thier reactions were affecting me. I know I was not the same bubbly person they had known previously, but so hadn't expected the lack of respect they showed me, especially since I had home out of my way to explain I was I'll with anxiety and depression and that if I acted out of character then I was sorry. It was sad I had to leave but I realised it was right for me at the time.

I have managed to reduce my tablets to a minimum leave for me to cope with at the moment and hope all being well to reduce them again in a few months.

I decided that if I was going to go through all this pain and heartache I was going to ensure I was a better person at the end of it. :-)

My family and close friends have already noticed that I am different but in a good way and that on my good days which are getting to be more than the bad days  that I am back to my bubbly self.

Still not sure why it all happened but it seems a mystery virus I got on holiday was the final straw and something just broke in me.

Over a year and a half after my diagnosis I am getting a divorce, living on my own and struggling to get a job after my break from work, but I am definitely a lot happier than I was 2 years ago. 

People think some of my coping mechanisms are funny, but I don't mind they work for me.

The funniest I guess is the inflatable punch tower that is in the corner  if the livingroom . It is for those  times when I just want to scream and release the tension inside me , because I get so frustrated at myself at times. So I put on some rock music and punch the tower until I feel better or I am knackered. :-) It works for me. :-D

I hope you are all keeping well at the moment.

on 8/28/16

Hi Phil,I find you very inspirationa,well done to you for actually speaKing about your issues.

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