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Irritable bowel syndrome

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on 2/21/16

Hi Avril and Keith and any others reading this.

I feel for you, I don't have IBS but I did have an irritable bowel for over a year during a period where I had taken several doses of anti biotics over a period of 10 months due to a long term infection in my lungs.  I did have one medicine the doctor gave me to take about 30 mins before food which helped but this did not treat the overall health of the bowel.

I understand that if you've had IBS for so long what helped me, may not work for you or it could help ease your symptoms when you are having a particularly bad time of it.

My brother in law is a chemist who also qualified as a herbalist, his main advice was to take a course of pro biotics, the real ones, not those in yoghurt or yakult  The high strength probiotics you can get from the health food store or a well known chemist in UK also stocks, them, there are so many different ones you can take for different types of irritable bowel and these days I would use them if for any reason I get an irritable bowel or have to take a course of anti biotics.  Medications can upset the bowel, anti biotics is just one of them.

My mother suffered terribly with her bowel after having bowel cancer and the doctor prescribed for her Fibrogel you may know of this already, this is completely natural and you can buy the equivalent in the health food shop, its like husks of seeds and you add to a drink.

What I would do for myself at the time when my bowel was very unhappy is take a months course of the probiotics, (pro biotics put the natural flora / friendly bacteria into the bowel bringing it more into balance.  Forgive me if you already know this, irritable bowel is when the unfriendly bacteria in the bowel is excessive to the friendly bacteria, its out of balance, the pro biotics put more of the friendly bacteria back into the bowel that is why taking a course of the probiotics can help the bowel.  It may be something that can't help your particular problem with IBS but I would say its worth a try if you haven't already done so.

I note probiotics have helped you Avril.  Also there are other alternatives to cows milk and goats milk whenever you fancy a change, Rice Milk, Oats Milk, Soya Milk, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, also another alternative to dairy that I can't quite remember the name of. I particularly love Almond milk and I like Coconut Milk on my cereal and in desserts, I made a bread pudding once with coconut milk and coconut oil, using the coconut oil spread on the bread instead of butter.  It was delicious and easier on the tummy than cows milk and butter. I find the alternative to dairy koko I think is the brand is very good in tea or coffee and also Rice Milk is quite good in tea or coffee too, most all are fortified with calcium and other nutrients though, where as milk from the animal has these in their natural form..... I digress.....

For me after taking a months course of probiotics my bowel would settle for a time, then a few weeks later it would become irritable again so I would take another months course and again the bowel would settle again, I kept doing that until my bowel came back into balance, as I say for me it took about a year going longer between each treatment, I rarely get irritable bowel now, but as I said mine was bought on by anti biotics and its not something I was born with.  

I hope this may be of help to someone.

Best wishes to you Avril and Keithe


on 2/21/16

By the way I find white bread very bloating, some bakers bread worse than others and I do still enjoy a slice of white bread toasted, however its not just white bread I've noticed it can be where bakers use the commercial white flour to bake scones, cakes pastry etc.

I think its ok to have some of these food items but I find if I have too much I get bloating, it makes so much difference to how you feel not having a bloated tummy. Sometimes I can get a bloat if I have wholemeal bread which I find lays heavy on my tummy.

I find malted granary bread non bloating, light on the tummy and is good fresh and toasted. :)

What is thi Avril?

I do qigong, tai chi type moves which I find very relaxing and calming, its like meditation to movement and if you can get your chi flowing smoothly it is of course good for health.  I attend a class once a week and do medical qigong workshops occasionally, I start with doing the shortly video practises on you tube, you can try it for 10 mins 7 mins, 15 mins, 20 mins etc.  the names I would recommend on you tube, are Don Fiore and Lee Holden, they are very good at explaining, Don Fiore is a more risk free instructor, Lee Holden is a bit more challenging and in any case, its always best to check with your doc first of course if you haven't done any exercise for some time.

Just listening to relaxing music can de stress or one of your tube videos with music, there are some reall good ones, I particularly like Nature by Numbers video by Crystobal Vila with music by Wim Mertens, Often a Bird.

Not sure if video links such as these are permitted,  will try one and if you want the others and its ok can post or send you pm with links.

Nature by numbers  (best watched on full screen on you tube)