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Ankylosing spondylitis

Being part of the arthritis family, ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints. The main area affected is the spine, causing great pain and stiffness in the back and the pelvis. In the more severe cases new bone can grow on the spine, causing inflexibility and a curved back.

I have ankylosing spondylitis

Living with ankylosing spondylitis can be very challenging. First of of it is dealing with pain and possibly immobility of the spine, which in itself can seriously affect the quality of life. Furthermore it is a disease that is difficult to understand for others, since it is invisible. « being in pain » is a very subjective term and most people without AS can't understand how difficult and limiting the condition is. This is why AS patients can find great support from other patients and also benefit from their experiences.  For more information you can go to the Ankylosing Spondylitis Forum.

Source: NHS

Published 12 Jun 2017

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