Who are we?

Carenity is the 1st social network for people living with chronic conditions.


Since 2011, Carenity’s motto has been “Patient comes first”. We have created this site in order to help you share your experience, find comfort and useful information provided by other patients and hopefully, improve your everyday life.

Our goal is to better correspond to the needs of patients and their families.

Find support from people with the same condition and the same questions as you.

Carenity connects people suffering from the same conditions by providing them with a free social network : friends, newsfeed, discussion forums, private messaging, etc. We are convinced that new technologies will help you feel less alone with your condition.

Stay informed to improve your everyday life

  • Carenity is the source of high quality medical information and news on medical breakthroughs. We publish articles, expert videos, interviews with doctors, patients’ testimonials, etc., in order to help you manage your health better.
  • Developed in collaboration with doctors, our simple-to-use applications allow you to share your opinion on treatment efficacy, follow the evolution of your symptoms and share your information with Carenity community.

Contribute to medical progress

  • We have imagined an innovative model based on collaboration and honesty. On Carenity, patients are invited to express their expectations based on their conditions and on their treatment, so that they could be taken into consideration by those who will be developing the enhanced health solutions for patients.
  • Carenity, a young innovative French company, is financed by carrying out surveys for private and public health actors: industries, doctors, researchers, patient associations… We offer our clients market studies based on the strictly confidential and aggregated data and we never give access to our members’ personal information.

This transparency is at the heart of our values: all your initiatives must first and foremost benefit patients and their families.

Composition of carenity's scientific and ethics committee

Our Committee is called upon to verify every scientific or ethical subject. Click here to discover the list of members as of 01 January, 2020.

A word from our founder


Welcome to Carenity. If you are reading these lines it is because your health matters to you and probably because you share our conviction that a social network can help you find support and share experiences with people living with the same condition as you.

Carenity began with a simple dream: help millions of individuals living with a chronic illness find help, information, practical answers to their questions, and also support from other patients like you. We envisioned an online community where everyone could find people who have the same questions, the same concerns, but also the same hopes.

But Carenity is more than a social network. When you sign up, you also actively choose to contribute to medical progress. We invite all of our members to share their personal stories in the discussion groups and online surveys. Survey results are sold to our partners (pharma companies, researchers, and other health institutions) so that your experience and health data can be considered by those in charge of developing and distributing the best integrated care solutions to patients. I believe real-world patient data should be a greater source of inspiration for the health authorities and industries.

We have developed a transparent and virtous model where the addition of individual experiences benefit everyone. As you join the community, you are involved in a global project aiming at improving knowledge on your disease, which eventually will benefit you.

This model is at the heart of our philosophy. To achieve this goal, my absolute priority is to guarantee your privacy and the integrity of your health data to deserve your trust. We have made significant investments on this matter. We kindly refer you to our Charter of good conduct and privacy policy for further information.

Carenity has been designed with patients, for patients. This website will be what you want it to be. Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions. We strive to improve our service everyday.

Carenity is all about understanding the patients' views to improve their lives.

Welcome to Carenity. This website is yours.

Michael Chekroun
CEO and founder, Carenity

Our values

Mutual aid

Everyone at Carenity is a link in a chain, the strength of which lies in support, encouragement and good will.


Our project is driven by willingness to interact with our partners and members in the atmosphere of trust and confidence: our words always correspond to our deeds.


Human is at the heart of our philosophy and our activity: patient is and will always be our priority.


Being curious, responding to challenges and looking at things in a new light in order to find new solutions and to always remain one step ahead.


Individual talent allows you to get closer to your goal, team work allows you to achieve it.

Last updated: 05/11/2019