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Carenity is the 1st social network for people living with chronic conditions - Our commitments


Patients first

Patients' needs are not sufficiently taken into consideration.
Health care players could learn a lot from patients insights. We believe that patient should be at the heart of the health system.

With the development of new technologies, medical information has become accessible to each and everyone. With more and more information available, patient is becoming an expert and is starting to play an important role in managing their own health. This signifies a profound transformation in patient-doctor relationship.

The traditional, vertical type of patient-doctor relationship where the doctor prescribes a treatment, is being replaced by a new, collaborative type. Today, the two parties are engaged in a dialogue on the subjects where patient’s opinion is now essential: choice of treatment and compliance with it, assistance in healthcare procedures, impact of the disease on the patient’s quality of life, etc.

This is why Carenity encourages experience-sharing between people concerned with the same conditions and the same health-related questions. Combined, individual experience of different people produces collective intelligence at the service of medical research, which creates new perspectives for helping researchers and industries better understand and therefore meet the needs of patients.

Research data

Carenity's objective is simple and clear: your opinion matters. [This benefits you], other patients and medical research. Your experience is important to you, to others and to medical research. By answering online surveys and sharing your data confidentially, you contribute to medical progress.

Carenity has developed a collaborative approach. A better understanding of patients’ needs will enable researchers to focus on priorities and improve healthcare procedures.

The results of our surveys, always based on confidential and aggregated data, help our partners get an insight on patients’ expectations: efficacy of the treatment, difficulties with healthcare procedures, patient-doctor relationship, impact of the disease and treatment on the quality of life of patients and their families, compliance with treatment, etc.

Our company is financed by way of carrying out surveys among our members. Our clients are mainly pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices and research firms. We also cooperate with doctors, universities, researchers and students. True to our transparency policy, we always indicate the name of the client on our surveys.

Our members contribute to the improvement of treatments and make their opinions known to healthcare authorities and industries.

Carenity has created a virtuous model that benefits patients, doctors and healthcare industries, and which in the long term will contribute to improving health products and services for patients.


Registration on Carenity is free and confidential. Our activity is financed by way of carrying out surveys for our industrial and academic partners.

The goal of Carenity is to help researchers, doctors and industries to stimulate the development of better treatments and services for patients. We try to get a better understanding of patients’ and carers’ “real life” needs concerning the available treatments, this way providing additional information for clinical trials data.

Once you signed in, you are informed of the possibility to participate in surveys. Forum conversations between members can also be subject to analysis (the data collected is always aggregated).

Our principle is that of a fare exchange: we systematically share the results of our surveys with Carenity members. This allows patients to learn more about their health and improve their knowledge of their conditions.

Confidentiality and data protection are our absolute priorities, and it is important for us to constantly emphasize our transparency-based philosophy and our unwavering commitment to our members and their families.


We know how important it is to respect your privacy and protect your anonymity. We have worked hard to develop a privacy policy in compliance with the legislation applicable to data protection.

All our studies are based on aggregated data and we never sell or rent the personal, identifiable data of our members.

The personally identifiable information you share upon joining the site (like your email) is considered restricted and therefore is not shared with our partners. Participation in the Carenity studies is based on perfectly aggregated information which can by no means allow your identification.

On Carenity.co.uk, your anonymity concerning other members is preserved. For more information on our code of conduct and privacy rules, read here: http://www.carenity.co.uk/usage-charter

Last updated: 22/10/2019