The Science and Ethics Committee


The professionals who make up Carenity's Science and Ethics Committee are motivated by the same drive to place the patient at the heart of the health care system. Doctors and other experts accompany us daily and are called upon to speak about all matter of scientific and ethical issues.

Here you'll find their biographies, specialisations and their research activities (publications, white papers, recommendations...).

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Doctor Alexis Astruc

Senior doctor and general practitioner

Senior doctor and general practitioner, Dr. Alexis Astruc is associated with the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (formerly Université PARIS 13) and is a practitioner at the Ellasanté Health Centre in Paris' 8th arrondissement.

Doctor Laurent Chiche

Internal medicine physician

Internist at Marseille European Hospital; specialises in systemic autoimmune diseases.

Doctor Bruno Halioua


Dermatologist practising both in a private practice and at Alfred Fournier Institute in Paris. Holds a Master’s degree in History and teaches at Paris IV University.

Doctor Florence Levy-Weil


Head of Rheumatology Department at the Centre Hospitalier of Argenteuil, has contributed to the establishment of the department the main concern of which is the role of patient in therapeutic management of their disease.

Professor Antoine Magnan


Pulmonologist, specialised in severe asthma and lung transplant research. President of the Establishment Medical Commission of the Nantes university medical centre and President of the National Committee of Research Coordination. Member of the INSERM Scientific Board.

Doctor Julien Mancini

Public Health Specialist

Master of University Conferences - Hospital Practitioner, specialist in public health, former intern and resident at the Hopitaux de Marseilles. Doctor Mancini has a doctorate in Sciences on information and participation of patients in the various contexts of decision-making in oncology.

Professor Denis Raccah


Head of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic diseases Department, at the CHU of Marseille; is involved in fundamental research on insulin pumps, artificial pancreas and smart artificial beta cells.

Professor Harry Sokol

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist

Department of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Saint-Antoine Hospital in Paris, specialisation: the role of microbiota in the immunity.

Doctor Laurent Suchet


Neurologist, ex-Head of Clinic, Hospital Assistant at Marseille European Hospital. Particulary interested in patient care for people suffering with MS.

Lise Radoszycki


Lise Radoszycki holds the position of President at Carenity, where she leads a team of over 30 dedicated professionals focused on improving the lives of patients, addressing their needs, and establishing Carenity as vital research tool to generate real-world evidence.