The Carenity team


The Carenity team is composed by people passionate about their work to the service of patients. We are continually listening to our members to improve our site and propose adapted tools: social networks, discussion groups, indicator board to monitor their health, etc. Carenity has 5 different nationalities to follow the international development of the site.

Michael Chekroun

President and Founder

I created Carenity on 2011 with one simple objective: help people to deal with their diseases. Having close to me people that have been touched by serious diseases, I know how difficult it is to find quality information and how fast someone can feel lonely and helpless. I created a social network for all those who wish to find practical answers to their health questions with other patients. I also wanted to build an innovative and ethic company, in which each one by shearing their experience can contribute to the Improvement of medical knowledge.

Thomas Verjus

Business Developer

I joined Carenity on 2013 as head of business development, convinced by the collaborative model that allows each one of the members to contribute to the progress of medicine thanks to the sharing of their experiences. Mi role is to help our partners –pharmaceutical laboratories or manufacturers of medical devices- to better understand the needs of the patients thanks to real life information and in this way to have a better answer.

Lise Radoszycki

Data Scientist

Convinced by the fact that the patient’s opinion is not sufficiently taken into account, I joined the Carenity team in 2015. My desire is to work towards a better understanding of the needs of patients and their relatives. So, my role within Carenity is to develop data analysis methods to reproduce as faithfully as possible the views of members for the major health actors.


Data Scientist

Start-up environment, as well as health and innovation have always been my passions, and that is why I decided to join Carenity in 2016. In fact, its unique model based on placing the patients’ interests in the center of its values, corresponds to a real and universal need of the moment. My role at Carenity is to analyse the data transmitted by 200 000 patients with chronic conditions – members of our online community. This way, their needs and expectations are taken into account by health industries, which contributes to the improvement of their quality of life.

Jérémy Trocherie

Data Scientist

I joined Carenity in 2017, willing to contribute to medical progress and help fight the solitude associated with chronic conditions. Pharmacist by education, I place patient’s interest and ethics at the heart of my commitment. As part of the team, I participate in analysing and processing anonymous data collected in the legitimate manner, for the purpose of transmitting information to various healthcare stockholders.

Eugénie Ullmann

Data Scientist

Convinced by the virtuous circle on which Carenity's economic model is based, I decided to join the Data Science team in 2017. My goal is to participate in data analysis using innovative methods, in order to bring to light patients' experiences, needs and expectations. Having acquired valuable experience in the past, I'd like to contribute to placing the patient at the heart of the healthcare system.

Ophélie Wilczynski

Data Scientist

Fascinated by the Web and the evolutions it causes in the health sector, I joined Carenity at the end of 2016, attracted by its energetic team, willing to place the patient at the heart of the healthcare system. My role is to transmit in the most accurate manner, our members' opinions and difficulties to our partners, in order to regularly improve patient care services.

Léa Blaszczynski

In charge of the patient's experience

I joined Carenity on 2013; I’m in charge of animating the users’ community. My role is to inform our members about the latest news of the site, improve the platform taking into account the needs of the users, and organize events. My objective: to make everyone feel good thanks to the exchanges and advises received by other members and improve each day the experience of the patients in Carenity.

Gilda Teissier

Digital Marketing Manager

I arrived to Carenity starting 2015 attracted by the idea of making part of a company that focuses on the patients and the medical and well-being development. I am truly passionate about marketing, web traffic acquisition and management of e-reputation. At Carenity one of my goals is to publicize and develop our community in all of the European countries. I am also in charge of the digital marketing department and the animation of the Spanish page.

Margarita Kirillova

Community Manager France & the UK

I joined Carenity in 2016 as a community manager for France and the UK. I was attracted by the uniqueness of the project and by its human-centered goals: providing patients with a simple and effective platform where they can help each other with everyday tips, and accelerating medical progress by including real-life patients’ insights in the research material. My main responsibility is to make sure that our members could feel comfortable interacting with others on the platform and freely share their opinions and ideas, helping each other overcome everyday difficulties related to their conditions.

Camille Eskenazi

Community Manager France

Passionate about digital environment and attracted by the opportunity to help others, I joined Carenity in 2016, in order to apply my skills of a community manager to moderate our French platform and social networks. My aim is to help every member find their place on Carenity and improve their experience with our platform. I am very glad to work in such a dynamic and innovative start-up, that is very attentive to the needs of others.

Andrea Halbritter

Community Manager Germany

I have been working as a Community Manager for Carenity since spring 2015. My main role is to moderate and manage the website and the Facebook page in German and I also sometimes do the translations. What I like at Carenity is the way the platform helps people with chronic conditions help and support each other. I find it extremely important, especially for people with reduced mobility or for those who live in the countryside and don’t have the opportunity to join a patient support group.

Baptiste Eudes

Community manager Italy

I joined Carenity at the end of 2016. My role is to moderate and animate the Italian Facebook page and website. Passionate by the digital world, I put my skills at the service of the members, to help them use our platform. What I like about Carenity is having a permanent contact with our members. I am proud to be part of this team.

Jérémy Huet

Lead developer and Web project chief

I arrived to Carenity in 2014; I am responsible for the technical part of the company. I have been working passionately for more than ten years in the world of informatics and now I have the opportunity of allowing our members to have access to a quality social network supported by a system of adapted informatics.

Xu Zhang

Web Developer

I joined Carenity starting 2015. I am in charge of the technical development in the evolution of the web platform and the internal tools. I am interested in web development and health, which is why I am happy to work in a dynamic and innovative team at the service of the patients.

Kévin Lourenço

Web Developer

Former president of the start-up DonneMoiFaim, I wanted to fully resume my activity as a web developer, being integrated into the decision-making process within a young company with a real growth potential. Today I am happy to be able to help Carenity’s evolution by offering both my developer skills as well as SEO. Having always had a special perception for detail, I also bring a particular focus to the user experience which is a key component for me.