How to improve our relationship with food?


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Hi everyone,

I have been having a lot of difficulties eating at the moment. I hate the thought of it and weigh myself religiously. My best friend notices when something is wrong because I have talked about it with her before, but nobody else knows. Is it normal to really hate the way I look? I will literally stand in the mirror and cry for ages whilst jabbing at myself, and I don't believe anyone that tells me I've lost weight. I can't stand it. Today I went out for dinner with my friends and, when I realised there was nothing under 100 calories (which is the limit I'm comfortable with) I settled on a small pot of grapes. I would have been quite happy to go without anything if my friends weren't there. Are these signs of an eating disorder or is it just me being stupid. I repulse myself and honestly, I don't think I'm worthy of food most days. I'm worried that when I leave to go to Uni in a couple of years I will stop eating altogether, because I will have complete control over myself and what I do. 

Any tips on improving my relationship with food? 



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How to improve our relationship with food?

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Dear Bookworm1999,

I have just come across your comment when i joined for my own issues.

I must congratulate you because it does take a lot  of courage to write about what's going on for you.

I am studying to be a healthcare assistant now but before this i was also qualified personal trainer and wellness coach.

If i made a SUGGESTION i would say get rid of the mirror (it's not your friend) and focus on the positive for example the type of person you are. What your strengths are. what it is you would like to complete before the month or year is out. Goal Setting..

Keep a daily journal and write in it at the end of the day and sometimes you will hear your answers to questions you need answers to..

Anyway i hope i have given you food for thought and if you need a friendly ear then feel free to message me..

Best Regards


How to improve our relationship with food?

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I think this is a life-long battle for some of us. Does anyone feel like it runs in families? After talking to my therapists in the treatment programs I've been in I've learned that my mum and possibly her mum before her have a toxic/difficult relationship with food and may have passed on bad habits and ways of thinking to me. 

How to improve our relationship with food?

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Hello @_Luna_‍ , thank you for your comment. 

What do you all think? How can we improve our relationships with food? What methods or strategies have you tried? Do you think that negative body image or even eating disorders can be passed down from generation to generation?

Feel free to share and discuss here!

Take care,