Gout - Allopurinol and side effects?


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 My partner has been living with the condition of gout long term alongside with autoimmune, heart and many other diseases. Obesity has been a life time battle but after a serious attack of gout the hospital have given her new drugs to try. She has been on Quinine for 40 years but it is the side effect of a new drug Allopurinol that interests me. She has lost two stone in two months and there does not seem to be any other reason than this medicine. I just wondered if anyone else had this side effect of taking this drug. A real bonus for her as she has never experienced such weight loss in her life.

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Gout - Allopurinol and side effects?

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@robjmckinney Hello robjmckinney, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear your partner had a bad gout flare. Besides the weight loss, I hope the allopurinol is helping! Let me tag some other members who may have some experience with allpurinol as well.

Hello everyone, how are you today? Have you ever been prescribed allopurinol (Zyloric, Uricto) for your gout? Did it help? Did you have any significant side effects like robjmckinney's partner? 

Feel free to share here!

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