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Hi am 53 years old and am 6 weeks post-op for Primary Hyperparathyroidism.  I had one adenoma removed from the bottom left side and I am unaware of how long I was actually subjected to this condition.  It was diagnosed incidentally when I had blood tests for increased joint pain in my left hip and knee.  I had all the regulatory scans and tests.  The scans were negative but my blood results for calcium and parathyroid hormone confirmed diagnosis.  My health declined severely and very rapidly with loss of memory, bone pain, loss of concentration, brain fog and digestive troubles.  I am pleased to say that following the removal of the diseased parathyroid gland I am feeling much more alert and clear headed.  The bone pain is easier but still there as I also suffer from Osteoarthritis of both hips, knees and lower spine.  I just wanted to get my story out there and let you know the only cure is the removal of the diseased glands and the prognosis is better and improved health x

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Due to hair loss and as it is listed as a possible side effect, I  took the initiative to stop taking Simvastatin (1x 20mg daily) three weeks ago.

I also take 1x50mg Losartin and 1x 2.5 Bendroflumeiazide daily.

I have always kept to a  low saturated fat diet, am virtually a vegetarian, I weigh  7st 6 lbs, my kidneys function normally, my eyesight is excellent. I was  80 on 25th Sept this year.  

Should I have done this?  My last lipids  count was within the recommended figures erring on the good 'good' side.  

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance  

The above photograph was taken about 8 years ago.