Thyroid conditions: fighting weight gain


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Hi all I have underactive thyroid gland for last 10 years,im to n 150mg eltroxin,im tired all the time for last couple of months my weight has gone up considerably,im not sure what are the best foods to eat to help with weight loss,I also have depression 

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Thyroid conditions: fighting weight gain

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@Mags71 Hello Mags71, I thought I would revive this discussion and tag some members who can possibly share their experience with fighting weight gain with a thyroid condition.

Hello members, have you seen this discussion?

What do you do to fight weight gain caused by your thyroid condition? Have your medicines helped or harmed your weight? Do you follow a particular diet or exercise regime? Feel free to share any experiences or advice with us here!

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Thyroid conditions: fighting weight gain

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The levothyroxine is helping me with bloating at least, so I've actually lost some water weight. I think what's important to focus on is generally eating healthily with a balanced diet and regular exercise. I admit I'm not the best at it, but I'm doing my best. I've tried to add more veg into my diet and I try to reduce portions. It's been hard in lockdown these past few months but I try to get out to stretch my legs a bit every day too. 

I've also heard that soya can actually counteract levothyroxine and that we should avoid it, has anyone else heard this?