The ambassadors


The Carenity Team of Ambassadors consists of members with various chronic conditions who have shown kindness and willingness to help others with a piece of advice or a word of support, and who are there to help us make Carenity forum even more useful.

Our Ambassadors have been Carenity members for a while now and they know perfectly well how to post a comment, create a discussion or send a message, and will be able to guide you around the site if you get lost 😉

So don't be afraid to reach out to them.

However, don't forget that they are patients, just like you, so all the questions that require medical opinion should be addressed to healthcare professionals.


Iron-deficiency anemia,Sleep apnea,Osteoarthritis,Heart attack,Depression,Diabetes (Type 2),AMD,Arterial hypertension,Heart failure,Ankylosing spondylitis

63 years old and a bit of a medical wreck, lucky to still be here.            

My philosophy is ' I wont let the bar stewards beat me'.

Make the most of the life you have because you will NOT get another one.

ALWAYS think POSITIVE and LIVE LIFE.emoticon heart



Diabetes (Type 2),Disc hernia,Head and neck Cancer

I am a diabetic 2 sufferer who has just survived neck cancer with three prolapsed discs.


Sleep apnea,Arthritis,Asthma,Diabetes (Type 2),Celiac disease,Rheumatoid arthritis

Hi , I have a number of health problems but I refuse to let them beat me.I want to talk to others who are in a similar boat.

I have been an asthmatic all my life and as a teenager became very complacent  as long as I had my blue ventalin inhaler I was fine. Only I wasn't and ended up studying for my O levels in hospital.

Roll on about 30 years and the same scenario played out, it was only thanks to the rapid and sensible intervention of my then 9 year old son that I survived. This time the damage, so to speak, seemed permenant, regular visits to the hospital, for quite a while reliant on a wheelchair before being put on a nebuliser at home 10 doses a day plus high doses of predisinole every day  That in itself caused major complications, large weight gain, type 2 diabetes insulin dependent with problems, a shot digestive system etc. I lost all my self confidence and became more or less house bound.

Then a miracle, well as far as I was concerned happened. I was transferred to Southampton hospital and started a new treatment called xolair. My husband walked out a couple of months into the treatment, my stress levels went down and as my son said it was a light was switched on to a  new life . I have lost weight, have regained much of my self confidence, trying new things all the time and most importantly am off the predisinole completely. My campaign now is to help fellow asthmatics regain control. I have just come back from a conference in London where I spoke on living with asthma. It was brilliant and a lot of the delegates  who were professionals from all over the world, came up to me to say thank you and how useful my insight was. I have also started my own online support group Dorset Asthma and COPD support group on Facebook. Eventually I hope to form a face to face support group when fellow sufferers can get together to discuss problems  


Osteoarthritis,Epilepsy,Gastritis,Hyperlipidemia,Hypothyroidism,Osteopenia,Osteoporosis,Pulmonary Hypertension

I was a champion swimmer and diver. I hit a diving board at the age of 14; my epilepsy was diagnosed at the age of 16.

I have had epilepsy now for 45 years and am very active on social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, My Epilepsy Team, Linked-In etc. I am very proud to be an Ambassador of Carenity UK! 

I run my own Community Page on Facebook, which gives motivational/inspirational quotes and general knowledge on epilepsy; I am Admin to many groups.

Please feel free to join us! 

Go visit and like my Facebook page if not already a Member; follow me/us on Twitter! 

Remember, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! Let's find the right path to follow it together!