Types of transplant


There are different types of transplant. They are distinguished either by the origin of the graft, or the type of organ transplanted.

Grafts can have one of several different origins: in an autograft, the graft comes from the patient him- or herself. 

Allografts are the most common. They come from a donor, who provides the patient with the graft. This type can also be called homograft.

Finally, in a xenograft, the graft and the person who receives it come from 2 different species (for example, an animal organ transplanted into man). This type of graft, however, is not always viable at the present time.


Today, doctors are capable of grafting a very large number of organs (kidney, heart, liver, lung, etc.), as well as various tissues (bone, cornea, vessels, bone marrow, etc.).

At present, kidneys are the most commonly transplanted, and the most reliable, transplant organs. In the United Kingdom in 2013/2014, there were 2,930 kidney transplants.

Last updated: 08/06/2018

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