Do you have Peripheral Arterial Disease?


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Would be keen to talk to someone with the same 

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Do you have Peripheral Arterial Disease?

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@astro123 Hello astro123, thank you for starting this discussion! Let me tag some members with PAD who can discuss with you!

Hello all, how are you today? emoticon cute How and when were you diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease? What kinds of symptoms do you have? How do you cope with it in the day-to-day? Do you have any thoughts or advice to share with astro123?
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Do you have Peripheral Arterial Disease?

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I was diagnosed two years ago. I walked a lot and found my lower legs were really aching. I went to the doctors thinking it had something to do with my osteoarthritis. My G.P. Arranged for me to have a Dopla test which confirmed his diagnosis. I still try to walk about two to three miles a day but can't walk as much as I used to. I find when I am in bed my legs are more painful so I sometimes dangle them out of bed to ease them. Hope this helps.

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