Meet Lise, Carenity's new president

Published 5 Jun 2023 • By Candice Salomé

After more than 8 years with Carenity, Lise becomes the new President of Carenity. Committed to constantly improving and developing the services and tools offered by Carenity, her future vision for the company is to put the well-being of patients and their loved ones first. 

Find out more about Lise's career and her vision for the future of Carenity!

Meet Lise, Carenity's new president

Hello Lise, we congratulate you on your appointment as the new President of Carenity.  

With a brilliant career spanning more than 8 years within the company, you've agreed to take a new step today, by committing yourself more fully to serving the platform's members, as well as its industrial and institutional partners. 

Thank you for agreeing to talk to us today about your career path and your future vision for Carenity.

What were your first thoughts when you received the news that you were to be entrusted with the management of this company?

I am very honored to become President of Carenity, as this company and the patient-centered values it embodies are very important to me. 

I want to contribute to Carenity's development, by putting the needs of the community's patients at the heart of my decisions, while advancing medical knowledge through sophisticated real-life studies. 

I am aware that the role of President brings with it considerable expectations and challenges. To accomplish this new mission, I am privileged to be surrounded by a talented, passionate and close-knit team. I'm convinced that we'll have a lot of fun innovating and making this new chapter of Carenity a real success.

When did you join Carenity? Why did you decide to become part of a company dedicated to the well-being of patients with chronic illnesses?

Having myself experienced a long diagnostic journey, which led to the diagnosis of a rare chronic disease, joining Carenity in 2015 was an obvious choice. The company's mission, which is to offer patients and their loved ones a secure platform for exchanges and quality information, via which they can share their experiences through online studies, immediately made sense to me.

What's more, I was keen to put my skills as an engineer in data science and biostatistics to work on a project with a societal impact such as Carenity.

For more than 8 years, I have been working on a daily basis to ensure that the expectations and needs of patients are better taken into account by those involved in the healthcare sector: doctors, pharmaceutical companies, health authorities, etc.

What has been your career journey with Carenity?

My role at Carenity was first and foremost to carry out real-life studies with patients. I relied on my knowledge of statistics to always try and come up with innovative methodologies that would reflect patients' experiences and needs as faithfully as possible.

Moving on to the position of Data Science team manager, my role was to ensure the quality of research projects. In this way, I recruited and structured a talented multidisciplinary team, which carries out around forty studies a year and regularly publishes in scientific journals.

Since 2020, I have held the position of Director of Operations, whose mission is to coordinate, beyond the Data Science team, the Marketing department, responsible for growing and engaging patient communities, as well as the IT team that develops the Carenity platform and our survey tools.

Since the creation of the EvidentIQ group in early 2021, I've been working internationally with the group's 4 entities to develop a decentralized clinical studies (DCTs) offering.

Today, I was delighted to accept Michael's offer to take over as President of Carenity.

You now follow in the footsteps of company founder Michael Chekroun. Would you like to say a few words to him?

I'd like to thank Michael for his brilliant idea to create Carenity 12 years ago, and for his energetic efforts to grow the company and its patient communities. 

I was delighted to work closely with him for 8 years. In a spirit of transmission, he always encouraged me to develop professionally and to be innovative. 

I have great admiration for what Michael has built up at Carenity, and I'm keen to continue his work by developing new services for patients and our customers.

What is your vision for the future of Carenity?

I accepted the role of President because I am convinced that Carenity can meet the needs of a greater number of patients and be an effective real-life research tool for advancing medical knowledge.

For the patient community, my priority will be to maintain the high level of data security and content quality, while offering new features such as: secure services dedicated to minors affected by a chronic disease, and a module enabling teleconsultation or participation in clinical trials directly via Carenity.

We will also seek to develop our online visibility and partnerships to enable a greater number of patients and relatives to access our services and participate in online research projects.

In this way, we will remain at the forefront of innovation, offering our customers scientific methods that faithfully describe the patient's experience in real-life conditions and, in this way, develop medicines and services tailored to patients' needs. We will continue to be a privileged partner in enabling patients and their families to express themselves on subjects such as: their feelings about treatment, their unmet needs, the impact of the disease on their daily lives, their quality of life, etc.

Our members and clients are at the heart of our success, and their satisfaction will remain my top priority.

Finally, I want to encourage the professional development of Carenity's employees by offering them an inspiring, collaborative and caring working environment in which they can enjoy evolving. Together, I want us to build a culture of innovation, empowerment and transparency, where everyone can grow and express their potential.

Any final words?

I would like to thank Michael, the staff at Carenity and EvidentIQ, the members of the platform, and our industrial and institutional partners for the trust you have placed in me.

I will do my best to listen to you, to meet your expectations and, above all, to bring Carenity's values and mission to life.

I want Carenity to be bold, agile and adaptable, and to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. That's how we'll build a healthcare system more focused on the expectations of patients and their families.


Many thanks to Lise for her testimonial! 
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on 06/06/2023

Just came back from seeing my oncologist she has sent a letter for me to see the breast surgeon. And have another dexa scan on my bones as she was quite concerned because my bones can fracture very easily she has told me to finish all my anastrazole and then not take anymore to see how everything goes but she said I had a lot of illnesses s to cope with and my mental health is not that brilliant at the moment but she is pleased with how I am coping with it all. Then she is going to ring me in 6 months time to see how I am going on, Tigger

lesmal • Ambassador
on 30/06/2023

I wish to congratulate Lise on her new position and role. We will miss Michael but know he has built up a wonderful and caring site, which I am proud to be an Ambassador of. It is lovely to read up on Lise's experiences and I know she will do Carenity proud!

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