Our donation project


In accordance with our collaboration spirit Carenity wishes to support associations and foundations through a donation project.

As a part of our partnership programme, we donate a share of the revenue from our surveys to a foundation involved in medical research or to a patients association.

Why this project?

To contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge

Through our surveys Carenity members share their opinions in order to improve medical knowledge. At their demand, we transfer a part of our revenue to associations and foundations that enhance the patients’ quality of life.

To reinforce bonds between parties united by the common goal

Associations and foundations, researchers, doctors, online patient communities, healthcare industries, we all have a common interest: to help patients and their families to improve their everyday life in a more concrete way.

To reinforce Carenity’s spirit of collaboration

Our spirit of collaboration is sharing our information to improve our health and that of our families, but it is also helping associations and foundations in the long term.