Eye conditions and daily life: questions, experiences, advice


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Hello everyone,

I thought I would open this discussion so we can get to know one another better! emoticon cute

How does your eye condition affect your daily life? Have you had to change aspects of your life or routine because of it? Have you had to give up activities you once enjoyed? How do you cope with it in the day-to-day? Do you have any advice to share to others living with an eye condition?
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Feel free to share with us here!

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Beginning of the discussion - 12/03/2021

Eye conditions and daily life: questions, experiences, advice

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Have variable eyesight & am short sighted in one & longsighted in the other....born with a squint which was fixed at 3 then again in 30s, muscle in left eye was going & if I didn't have a operation would of left me blind. However amongst all this going on, my eyesight changes at a drop of a hat so to speak....

Blurred vision Dry Eyes Floaters & kaleidoscope auras which are so annoying! Alongside this I have Blepharitis, dry eyes... dandruff on eye lids which takes forever to remove. 

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Eye conditions and daily life: questions, experiences, advice

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I have glaucoma I have had my eyes lasered ,to relieve the pressure behind the back of my eye I have had 1 hole in each of my eyes plus my eyes get very dry so I have to use drops 6 times a day and at night i have to use an ointment, i wear tinted glasses for distance and a pair of glasses for computer and reading plus I have tinted sun glasses and my distance glasses are also transitioning I cannot look at anything to bright as it causes my eyes to really ache also I have to be careful when out I have a white walking stick with red tape to tell drivers that I am deaf tiny plus I have medication at night to