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Patients Crohn's disease

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How often do you see your gastroenterologist for your Crohn's disease symptoms? Do you think it is too often or not enough?

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment with a healthcare specialist for several reasons, and you may have to wait months for your check-up. How is it in your case?

What kind of follow-up have you had since your diagnosis?

In general, are you quite satisfied with the care you get for your Crohn's disease?

Beginning of the discussion - 2/9/18

Your gastroenterologist

anonymous avatar Carenity Member
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Good advisor

It's usually several months between appointments. The specialist never listens properly. The way I've been treated in the past is absolutely beyond disgusting. I now prefer to see the registrar she's been there since the beginning of my diagnosis and she listens and understands me. There are also ibd nurses I can phone (who try to interfere but I know better now) if i have a problem they will try and speed things up if you really need a appointment .

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