I have diabetic neuropathy, what should I do?


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A few weeks ago I noticed that my legs started to feel funny. This developed into having problems walking and I've just been to the doctor who told me I have diabetic neuropathy. I am freaking out. I don't know much about this and I am scared of how it will progress. Does anyone have any experience with this ? All information is helpful, thanks!

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I have diabetic neuropathy, what should I do?

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Hi Hello78,

I understand that you are feeling anxious about the news. By now you have probably talked it through with your GP and there has been made a plan for bringing your blood glucose levels steady. Usually if caught early you should be okay, but you might wanna have a further look at your management of your diabetes. Like diet and exercise. It happened to me some years back, but I was able to quickly change it and I have no complications from it at all. So just do as your doctor told you to and be causious for a while. You'll get through it, I'm sure. Stick with "the rules" and try not to stress too much about it (easier said than done, right)

I have diabetic neuropathy, what should I do?

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Good advisor

Does someone else have advice for Hello78??? 

Don't be shy to share. Remember that we are all here to help each other.

All the best,


I have diabetic neuropathy, what should I do?

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Diabetic neuropathy is a new term for me.   I am not comfortable with the thought that now that I have heard about it I think I may suffer from it.    I will talk to my G P on the next visit.

I remember catching my leg on a spike a number of years ago. It hurt for a week but there was no bleeding or serious damage to the skin or even swelling.     I can't remember if it happened before or after my Type 2 diagnosis.    Since then I have had occasional numbness in that leg, usually at night, and the occurrences have become more frequent.    The exact feeling is difficult to describe perhaps it's a bit like the circulation problems you get from sitting too long in a poor position, but it happens for no reason and does not adjust with exercise.

I would appreciate any thoughts or insight into this problem.   Is there a test to confirm it or point to some other cause ?   I know my blood sugar control is not perfect but on the other hand I don't consider it to be so poor as to cause serious complications.


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