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In recent years, there have been many innovations in the field of digital health: information websites, forums, websites allowing to book doctor appointments, mobile applications that allow you to follow your health indicators, like glucose level, etc.

It is considered that digitalisation of health industry is a positive thing and will allow patients to quickly access information and services, track symptoms and treatments, etc.

Do you agree with that?

What type of digital solutions have you already used? Were they specific for Diabetes patients or for general public? What do you think of this experience?

What type of digital solutions should be developed in the future, in your opinion?

Thank you all for sharing your ideas on this interesting topic. emoticon wink

Beginning of the discussion - 1/25/18

Digital solutions for Diabetes
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At the present time I can make an appointment to see the doctor and or the practice nurse or healthcare assistant and order a repeat prescription on line.

It would be helpful to be able to leave a message for the doctor of ones choice to get in touch with you briefly.

Digital solutions for Diabetes
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Although not Diabetic my wife has been on close monitoring for many years. The first part had her heart monitor fitted that was downloaded by phone every few months. Then they supplied a wifi blood pressure monitor, SP02 monitor and scales which were downloaded by phone each day. Now a few years later she is self monitoring with these devices and has to contact them with her concerns.

There is talk of a patch for diabetes which is wifi connected so we don't have to use a blood test monitor each day. This should prove interesting as I hate pricking myself each time!

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