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I've just got back from seeing a ENT consultant very nice man but uses the most disgusting anesthetic. The camera he shoved up my nose was fine but without the disgusting taste it may not have been? 

Reverse back to less than a fortnight ago I was having a chat with my GP and mentioned I was having problems swallowing, he in turn says this is a symptom that throws up a red flag and I must be seen in the ENT department within two weeks hence my appointment today. 

Well I am and have been on meds for reflux for quite some time I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee, I don't eat much chocolate but due to a lack of exercise thanks to asthma/copd, oa, a stroke, plus of course a ton of medication I am way overweight 

So I need to go and have another test (which I have had before that's how I was given the reflux meds) and see what's what with my pharynx or larynx or even my sphincter. Short of a gastric band I don't know what they can do next... Watch this space ???

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@Maggie-mae Hi Maggie, thanks for posting :) That seems difficult, I hope that you aren't feeling too uncomfortable?

How do other members handle their acid reflex? Any advice to share with Maggie? :) @Sylvia@fillanders@Clarity68@nickyh@Sutherland@MeganPo@jamieengland@whoami@Nelfina@juliajj50@Sara68@ingham@Crispyhank @littleman@Indeeana@Rae2305@Randa4@tabitha@tattyteddy@Chelsea2907@Gosseyne‍ 


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hi well I’m glad I came across this, I’m having severe esophogus ent and larangeal reflux problems I also have copd as you, my symptoms are copious amounts of mucus sometimes six hours a day wretching the slime horrible gunky stuff out but if I don’t I can’t breath, the sensation is horrendous at the back of my nose and throat and the sphincter at some point in the esophogus which has spasms causing pain and severe shortness of breath, are your symptoms like this Maggie, just struck a cord with me, hope your managing to keep well as you can . Carol


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@Gentyc .... Hi Carol,

short answer Yes and No

longer answer I do get mucus come up from where ever it comes which does effect my breathing yes but I'm one of a large percentage of people ' I won't let it go ' disgusting I know but I've always been the  same , obviously when I have a really good coughing fit all but a gold watch comes up

(When I was little and the asthma was bad and my Nan would say to me let it go it might be a good watch.....well I believed her and I think that's why I won't let it go)

Now I've digressed, it turns out now on top of the reflux I have a small hiatus hernia which isn't helping but at the same time not too big a problem in the scheme of things

Have you had yourself checked out regarding the reflux?

I take Ranitidine and Omeprazol, I don't 🍸drink alcohol, tea or coffee ☕(boring) I do drink sparkling water, my mattress is higher at the head but I  am over weight which definitely doesn't help but it is what it is

Well Carol, I'm not sure I've been much help but has been lovely talking to you COPD is a pain in the butt, but all self inflicted on my part 30per day over 30yrs, already being an asthmatic I just pushed my luck🍀

Take care now Sonia x 😀


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@Maggie-mae hi Maggie thanks for the reply, yes you sound very similar to me except the reflux is now out of control it’s developed into jackhammer esophugus which is awful and really painful and because of the copd being on 24/7 oxygen no one will operate too risky, and same here I thought I’d got away with it pushed my luck oh what a brick wall, but keep battling on xx


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@Gentyc ...Oh my you poor love, if it's not one thing it's another isn't it.

I was so looking forward to getting old after working with the elderly for 25 plus years, then it was like a bam, I had a new man in my life, we were getting married.

Within three years I developed OA, the anesthetist stopped the operation for a new knee on the day 1 hr before I was due in theatre because of my asthma. My blood pressure was playing up we had a holiday came back and I had a stroke, my poor new hubby didn't know what got him. AND it's all got worse BUT I still  wake up in the morning

you take care of at least the best you can

Sonia💖 😀 

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