What is your fibromyalgia story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone, 

How are you feeling today? 

I thought I would open this discussion so we can all get to know one another better! emoticon cute

So, what is your fibromyalgia story? How and when were you diagnosed? Did it take a while to come to a diagnosis, or were you even misdiagnosed? What symptoms were you having prior to your diagnosis? How are you doing today? 

Feel free to introduce yourself and share your story here! 

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 11/09/2020

What is your fibromyalgia story? Let's share!

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@Courtney_J It took AGES for me to be diagnosed. Several years ago I started having lower back pain which I thought was caused by long hours in a bad desk chair. My GP told me to take ibuprofen and take up yoga, which didn't work, clearly. Within the next year or so I started having pain in other areas like my knees, ankles and shoulders. I could barely move the computer mouse at work. The pain really started getting to me and I could barely do the household chores, let alone get to the office. My GP finally referred me to a pain specialist who finally diagnosed  fibro. I had to take a few months of illness leave from work until the medicines kicked in a bit and to figure out how to reorganise my life. It was a frustrating period, but now I'm doing a bit better. I hope I chat with more of you on here, it will be nice to talk to others who know what it's like to have fibro! xx

What is your fibromyalgia story? Let's share!

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@MariaB It also took a long time for me to get a diagnosis. I couldn't get my GP to really listen to me, so I went through a few years of NSAIDS, and then I was misdiagnoses with chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis. I managed to get in to see a specialist like you who was able to identify fibro pretty quickly. It's funny how our stories are similar!

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