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Hello everyone,

I am interested in hearing about your level of activity. Are you e.g. able to exercise, and to what extent? Or do you do other things in order to feel active?

Good day to you all.


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Activity level

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Hello Marina,

I am actually lucky and I can do some physical activity which actually helps me a lot to keep mobility, I do some yoga and jogging, but don't think I am all that sporty, just twice per week or sth like that, just to keep moving.

Activity level

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I often say "If I don't stretch I don't get up" and it's true. It's the least I try to do each day. On a good day though I'll get on the exercise bike too. I walk with crutches or use a wheelchair for longer than a few yards. My degenerative lumbar spine makes exercise quite painful though which restricts what benefits me. Swimming is the best but the changing for it and, particularly, after it tires me so much as to negate the exercise....SO...I'm going to get an 'Endless Pool' installed in our new house ~ well in a summer house. It's a small swimming pool with a jet stream to swim against (hence 'endless'). I can't wait. I'm really hoping for improvement in strength, suppleness and balance. Fingers crossed.

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