Key figures for type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is considered one of the biggest disease burdens worldwide and globally it is estimated that 366 million people suffer from diabetes.


In the UK 2.9 million people currently have diabetes. The number is estimated to rise to five million by 2025. Furthermore, it is also estimated that 850.000 people have diabetes, but haven't been diagnosed yet. For adults, 400.000 people have type 1 diabetes, which accounts for roughly 10 % of the total. For children 98 % have type 1 diabetes, accounting for 29.000 children.

Type 1 diabetes affects children significantly more than it does adults and hence there is a reason Type 1 diabetes is called « juvenile diabetes ».

Prevalence of diabetes across the UK

In 2011 numbers showed that England scored the highest prevalence of type 1+2 diabetes in the adult population of the UK with 5.5 % of the population having diabetes. England was closely followed by Wales with 5.0 %, Scotland with 4.3 % and last Northern Ireland with the lowest percentage of diabetics, at 3.8 %.

Source: Diabetes UK

Last updated: 15/09/2017

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