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Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes occurs either because the body becomes unable to produce enough insulin to sustain the blood glucose levels or because cells converting blood glucose into energy stops reacting to the insulin, preventing them from converting the glucose. When blood glucose levels become either too high or too low, serious health problems can occur.

If the blood glucose is not converted into energy by the cells, it accumulates in the blood, which can lead to starvation of the cells, and eventually high blood glucose levels can damage your eyes, kidneys, nerves or your heart. In the worst cases, the body will start finding other sources of energy and will start converting fat and muscle into energy.

I have type 2 diabetes

Being a type 2 diabetic means making changes in your life. Type 2 diabetes is often triggered by behavioural risk factors such as diet, exercise, smoking habits, overweight or obesity and alcohol consumption. Therefore drastic measures might be necessary to take in order to take control over the diabetes.

Learning the new « rules » can be difficult, but you will have a careteam teaching you how to live with your condition. They can help you find out how to take insulin, how to measure your blood glucose level, what not to eat and how much to exercise.

Most people need to feel that they are not alone when facing a disease, especially a disease that can change your life drastically. Diabetics are no exception. It can be important to find support and advice from other people going through the same process, having the same questions and worries, but also having the same motivation and hopes. You can speak to others at the Type 2 Diabetes Forum.

Source: NHS

Published 13 Nov 2017

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