AIDS: living with the disease

Here is some advice and practical recommendations for people suffering from AIDS and their loved ones.

- Take treatments properly. Even though it is not yet possible to cure AIDS, current treatments allow the progression of the illness to be delayed considerably. 
- Get enough rest. Since the human body needs rest, it is advised to sleep for at least eight hours each night.
- If possible, avoid episodes of stress, since stress can reduce the performance of the immune system. 
- Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, smoking or even undertaking prolonged physical activity. These situations make the body more vulnerable to infections.
- Talk about your illness. It is essential to talk about the disease in order to be able to fight popular misconceptions in particular.

Daily life with HIV: advice for friends and family

- Watch your diet. It is helpful to follow how their weight changes and to encourage them to eat a diet rich in protein and carbohydrate and low in fat. In the event of weight loss, advise them to visit their doctor. 
- Make sure the patient is taking their treatment correctly. Attending periodic check-ups at the scheduled times is essential for guaranteeing that the patient has a positive quality of life. 
- Help the patient to face other people. AIDS remains a stigmatised disease. It is important to provide sufferers with help in facing their illness and talking about it. 
- Do they want to start a family? Reassure them! Nowadays, an HIV-positive person who receives proper treatment has a low risk of transmitting the illness. It is still possible to consider having a child, for example.

Last updated: 22/09/2017

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