Meet Josephine, your Community Manager

Published 17 Jun 2019 • By Josephine O'Brien

Let us (re)introduce you to Josephine, your Community Manager. she explains everything about her role at Carenity in the interview below. Ask her all your questions in the  comments!

Meet Josephine, your Community Manager

Hello Josephine, members often see you getting involved in discussions or receive messages from you, but what exactly is your role?

As the Community Manager of the Carenity UK forum, my role is to help members get the most out of Carenity. I help them find the right information, suggest discussions or articles that may be of interest to them, and initiate discussions to allow them to discuss general topics or issues related to a particular disease.

I am also responsible for ensuring that exchanges take place under good conditions; I may moderate inappropriate comments, close discussions when they are dated, warn members that their personal details should not be communicated on the forum, etc.

How can members contact you or alert you if a message is inappropriate?

Members can, of course, contact me by private message. We also have set up a tool to facilitate the identification of inappropriate comments: it’s the little "! " inside a dark grey circle which you can find to the right of comments on the forum or to the right of private messages in the mailbox.

For the private messages, for the sake of confidentiality and respect for conversations between members, I have no access to the content of private messages between members. However, if five members report another member, the latter will be automatically suspended from Carenity.

As far as the forum is concerned, I am informed of the reported comments. This allows me to check whether the comment is inappropriate and to intervene if necessary. If you accidentally reported a comment, don't panic, I check them all, one by one, and I don’t delete or modify those that don't have an issue.

Can members ask you for advice about their illness?

Carenity is not a substitute for a consultation with a health professional, so I am not authorised to give medical advice. Overall, I try to be non-judgmental and neutral in the ongoing discussions.

However, members should not hesitate to contact me because I can do my best to redirect them to a forum or discussion about their illness and connect them with other members who share the same experiences. Members can also contact me if they want to share their story/experience in the form of a testimonial on a specific point/topic regarding their condition, care, journey, or daily life to help other readers.

What do you like most about Carenity on a daily basis?

The thing I like most about Carenity is the resource it serves as for individuals dealing with a chronic condition and their loved ones. As a community manager, I have had the privilege to read many wonderful stories, experiences, and testimonials and witness the outstanding support and advice that members give to others. The thing I like most about my job role as Community Manager is being able to be a facilitator in the reception of this support and advice, as well as the sense of community that comes along with it.

Do you remember a particular anecdote, story, or project?

There has been many discussions and projects that I remember. I will name a few, but this is by no means inclusive.

As I mentioned above, I really enjoy seeing all the support that is given from members. Depression definitely seems to be one of the conditions that really takes a toll on people and every condition comes with moments of uncertainty and sadness which can transpire into depression. (If you suffer from depression, but have not added the condition to your profile, I encourage you to do so, so that you can have access to the depression forums also - add depression to your profile by clicking here and then click the Add a Condition box.)

Carenity also exists in four other European countries and the US. In your opinion, are there any specific features of the platform you are running?

Carenity across all platforms offer great functions: forum, testimonials, health news articles, and survey. As with all Carenity platforms, there is great support and growth within the community; however, I feel that the Carenity UK community is growing rapidly and the sense of community is amazing! There are many members who play a very active role in the community and truly have become key participants in the success and growth of the community!

A great hidden resource of Carenity is the Procedures and Paperwork section, which provides members with articles about their rights and administrative procedures, such as tips on how to pay medical bills, how to file a health insurance claim, and how to reintegrate into the workplace.

What are the 3 adjectives that would best define you?

Honest, caring and empathic. 

Many thanks to Josephine for presenting her role at Carenity! Feel free to ask her further questions in the comments section below!



avatar Josephine O'Brien

Author: Josephine O'Brien, Community Manager UK

Josephine is the Community Manager of the UK with a Master’s in Publishing. She is a strong believer in the power of words and strives to make Carenity UK a comforting, vibrant and informative community for both... >> Learn more


lesmal • Ambassador
on 18/06/2019

Thank you for giving us an article on Josephine, our Community Manager! 

Josephine has been a wonderful person to deal with! As an Ambassador of Carenity UK, she has been very helpful no matter what the query has been. I've loved her for her confidentiality, personal touch and empathy, together with her caring and honest nature.

When I've had a problem either with technical queries, and/or an issue finding relevant information, Josephine has always responded promptly and given me an answer, no matter what the query has been. She's always given us great articles on most aspects of several health conditions, and if not covered in the article has always given us advice on where to find more detail.

On behalf of all the Ambassadors, I wish to thank her for her hard work, dedication, trust in her Members, and obviously loyalty to Carenity UK! 

She truly has become a great friend! 


Unregistered member
on 20/06/2019

My sentiments entirely Les.  A REAL DIAMOND....   

L&BW's as usual....  Richard

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