Carenity Survey

Ad hoc online survey: better understand the needs and habits of patients in real life conditions, in order to support your strategic decisions

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  • A customized online questionnaire
  • +/- 30 questions – close-ended and open-ended questions
  • Confidential and aggregated data collection and analysis
  • Management of the board of experts and publication of the results

Examples of topics

  • Identify weak areas in the patient journey, from a patient’s point of view
  • Measure the impact of the disease and the treatment on the patient’s quality of life
  • Reveal the unmet medical needs
  • Understand the criteria of treatment acceptability and the rationale for the treatment switch or discontinuation
  • Determine the factors of bad compliance with treatment from a patient’s point of view
  • Identify patients’ and caregivers' expectations in terms of information and services
  • Test your concepts and services for patients (websites, mobile applications, radio spots, etc.)

Use Case:
Criteria for treatment acceptance in rheumatoid arthritis

Client: Big Pharma – Medical Department

Aim: Identify various criteria for treatment acceptability through key stages of the patients’ journey

Target: n=150 patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Period: June-July 2014
Participation in the choice of the treatment
Criteria for treatment observance


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