Cardiovascular disease - Am I at risk for the coronavirus?

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Hello all,

I haven't been on here in a while, but being isolated at home with my husband has drawn me back to the site. I thought I'd start this discussion since there doesn't seem to be one yet. My husband has a CAD and had his angioplasty a few years ago. We're isolating anyway, but I'm wondering if having stents poses more of a risk for him? Does anyone know anything? Thanks in advance xx

Beginning of the discussion - 17/04/2020

Cardiovascular disease - Am I at risk for the coronavirus?

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@cassydee Helly cassydee, thank you for opening this discussion. This is an important question to ask, I bet there are other members who are also wondering about this. Let me tag some members to have them join in on the discussion.

Hello members, how are you holding up during this difficult time? Have you heard anything from your doctor or medical team about the risk for cardiovascular patients? Do you have any advice or  thoughts for cassydee?


Take care,


Cardiovascular disease - Am I at risk for the coronavirus?

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Hi I had two stents fitted 18 months and they made a really big improvement. I was no longer blue all the time and I had a fab 18 months Quality of life. Unfortunately due to my condition I’m now in heart failure and have sleep apnoea. I’m also going to start the transplant Journey after all the COVID 19 is over. Or it’s safe for me to go out. I’m in self isolation for 3 months 

Cardiovascular disease - Am I at risk for the coronavirus?

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Hi Ya'll

I've had 3 heart attacks and have 4 stents, one I had to have replaced after 7 months because of a blood clot partially blocking the entrance to the vein, 'whipped' it out and put in another, job done.  I suffer from Hypertension, Sleep Apnoea, Micro vascular Angina, I take Methotrexate which dulls my immune system.              

My GP says that;                                                                                                                                                                                  Excerpt from my medical records entry 31 Mar 2020;                                                                                                                      Dr Anna Rozycka (Clinical Practitioner Access Role)
History: Telephone encounter (9N31.)
Very high risk of death due to Covid-19, a lot of underlying conditios, including IHD, DM, AS, on Methotrexate, advised shielding until is over, frwquent hand wash, distansing, despite that at home as has a dog, wife does shopping.
Re blood results, satisfactory, stable anaemia, ckd stgae 3 A.
Coded entry
Telephone encounter (9N31.)

So I have been TOLD in no uncertain terms that I have to isolate, proper.

Take Care Ya'll

Cardiovascular disease - Am I at risk for the coronavirus?

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My husband has AF, ckd stage 1 Asthma, COPD and he is shielded until its all over. i don't go out of the house either for the fear of picking something up and passing it on to him. I do on line shopping and don't go out, not even for a walk. I do exercises at home and go in my back garden and walk up and down my long drive a few times when there is no body about.

Take great care

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