What treatments have you undergone for your lymphoma?


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I've created this discussion to allow you to discuss treatments for lymphoma!

What has your treatment for lymphoma been like? Have you had surgery? Chemotherapy? What were the results and side effects? How are you doing today?
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Feel free to ask any questions, share your experience and advice here in this discussion!

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What treatments have you undergone for your lymphoma?

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I have Hodgkin's lymphoma and from what the doctor said and what I've read I'm supposed to do chemotherapy. From what I've heard, chemotherapy is just awful and destroys your body. Can anyone share on this? I'm so worried about all of this...

What treatments have you undergone for your lymphoma?

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I was diagnosed with PTLD in November 2019. The PT means post transplant. I had a kidney transplant in December 2007 from the donor list so was extremely lucky. The rejection tablet Azathoprim which is one in the rejection tablets I have to take these but they have now been stopped and steroids commenced. As these caused the Lymphoma. The treatment I was given was R Chop chemotherapy. I have a lot more to add to this story but do not wish to bore people. Please let me know if you wish me to continue.

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