What causes or triggers your depression?


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Often times I feel that I have certain triggers or causes that deepen my depression or cause it to "flare up". Does anyone else feel this way? I'll be fine one day and then boom it will hit me and I'll be thrown into a spiral of depression.

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What causes or triggers your depression?

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Thought I'd scroll on here and see the oldest disussion. Shame this didn't take. 

I understand that feeling. I'm not sure what triggers my depression. It gets bad sometimes even with medication. My mind seems to be just programmed to be negative and depressed. I can't stop it sometimes.

What causes or triggers your depression?

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Hello @Just_Sad‍, thank you for reviving this discussion! Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you!

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

Sometimes there may be certain "triggers" or things that may deepen your depression, such as stress, another illness, a particular activity, a scent, a song, a behaviour, etc. 

Are there certain things that exacerbate your depression? If so, how do you manage them? Are you able to avoid them or have you found ways to cope when you encounter them?

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