Cholangitis - Have you been diagnosed?


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Does any other member suffer with this illness?

I would like to hear your. Vews 

Beginning of the discussion - 20/07/2020

Cholangitis - Have you been diagnosed?

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@Jennyh44 Hello Jennyh44, thank you for starting this discussion! Let me tag some other members with cholangitis!

Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind that I've tagged you. What has your experience been like with cholangitis? When and how were you diagnosed? Do you have primary biliary cholangitis or primary sclerosing cholangitis? What symptoms have you had? What treatments have you tried for it? How are you doing today?

Feel free to share any thoughts or advice you may have here! 

Take care,

Cholangitis - Have you been diagnosed?

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Diagnosed 10 years ago no symptoms at the time 

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