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Hi everyone

Ive recently become a member on 16/08/2015.  I also was diagnosed with an over active thyroid and had radio-iodine treatment to correct this. in my case I was also given a suppresent drug to kill the thyroid off which when left unmonitored  left me really ill.  I could not explain how I felt to my family,  I was in a black hole with a big black cloud above me and could not see a way out.  I went from a person who everyone went to for help and advice to a person who did not want to know anything bad in the world, who was frightened to go out alone, not sleeping, severe nightmares and frightened of what the future might hold. All because I was a person who was given a thyroid suppresent drug to treat a thyroid that did not exist.  I could go on no longer and as my next revue was not for 6 months I paid a visit to my family doctor and tests revealed that I should never have been left taking this medication without supervision and he immediately prescribed Thyroxine 150mg and contacted my consultant. I feel a lot better now and my quality of life is greatly improved.  I said nothing to anyone and kept my symptoms hidden for so long because I felt ashamed and a weak person.  I have to be the strong one as our daughter has been disabled since birth  (27) and the future is always a worry for us, I also come from a large family who have always come to me for help and advice and there were times when all I have wanted to do was crawl into a hole, but stupidly I hid this and helped them with there problems. I have also had cancer of the mouth and my left kidney has failed but is back on the road to recovery, I have also had chronic back and leg problems also a lot of fatigue some of which were linked to an over active throid but there is always someone worse off than you.  Anyway....yes I also cannot stop putting on weight and my thick head of hair is also on the thin side....so this is a common characteristic I can presume.  I hope to hear from other people with similar symptoms.

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