Having trouble getting my knee operation scheduled because of COVID-19


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 Dear all

I started with my left knee, in October. 2018 I saw the consultant, he sent me to physiotherapist.  In November 2018, my left hip started.

The pain from both, was very uncomfortable.  I saw the consultant, in February 2019 and told him that my social life had gone from going out daily, to zero.  I had to use a stick.  I used to go to keep fit, Tia Chi. Drive, meet friends for lunch, coffee mornings, etc.  Some days I could not go out for the pain.

My daughter's, are still helping me with the shopping, housework,etc.

In May 2019 I applied for a blue badge and got one.  In July 2019, I bought a mobility scooter, to get around, when I could not drive.  This restricted me, in what I could do and where I could go.

Family days out I could not go, because, I could not sit, walk, stand for long.

In November 2019 I got my hip operation. But I have not had the benefit of it.  

Then the virus came and the doctor, said I could not go out for 3 months.  My daughter's, grandchildren, could not come. 

Family and friends, we could not meet.  I live on my own, so I found it very difficult.

Second lock down, was a bit better, daughter's could come do housework etc.  No grandchildren etc, could not come in. 

I joined Ageing Better.  They gave me a tablet, so I could go on Zoom.  I found this excellent.  Met people, and activities are daily and still are.

December 2020.  I got a phone call from the consultant Secretary, to ask if I would like my knee operation, on the 22 of December 2020, IN Northallerton, of course I said yes.  Done all the tests etc.  Got to Northallerton hospital.  Went into the pre operation room, at 15 20.  For 2 and a half hours, they tried, to get the cannula in.  I had 2 scans, in the end they said it was to late and could not do the operation.  I got home at 21 00hrs.  3rd lockdown we are in.  No date as yet for the operation.  Been in touch with doctors, consultant Secretary.  No reply as yet.  

Sorry if it is long. 



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Having trouble getting my knee operation scheduled because of COVID-19

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Hello @Hectic‍, thank you for opening this discussion and sharing what you've been through. That must have been so frustrating having to go home without the operation having been done! Things seem to still be a bit of a mess due to COVID. 

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them? Have you had trouble booking appointments to see doctors or getting dates for operations or other procedures because of COVID? What about in "normal" times?
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F‍eel free to share here!

Take care,

Having trouble getting my knee operation scheduled because of COVID-19

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@Courtney_J what is wrong with knee

Having trouble getting my knee operation scheduled because of COVID-19

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I have osteoarthritis in my back & bulging sticks & painful knee I was having injections in my back regularly but they stopped numerous MRI scans for my knee & back I was referred to a msk clinic who in the end said the pain in my back was coming from my knee so was referred again to knee hence still no op for my knee  my ankle I refused to go to A& as didn’t want be in hospital but in 26/ I had to give in, after X-ray I had broke it. In 3 places & needed pins in I had op on 28th 4 days later I was sent home. I am slowly recovering I couldn’t walk with the frame I was to no weight bear for 6 weeks I’m now in a boot for 8 weeks the frame made my knee & back & ankle was horrendous, I decided to buy some. Crutches I’m now getting on loads better but still get pain in back & knee 

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