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Medication indications

TYSABRI 300 mg concentrate for solution for infusion

TYSABRI is indicated as single disease modifying therapy in adults with highly active relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis for the following patient groups:

• Patients with highly active disease despite a full and adequate course of treatment with at least one disease modifying therapy (DMT) (for exceptions and information about washout periods see sections 4.4 and 5.1)


• Patients with rapidly evolving severe relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis defined by 2 or more disabling relapses in one year, and with 1 or more Gadolinium enhancing lesions on brain MRI or a significant increase in T2 lesion load as compared to a previous recent MRI.

Route of administration: Injectable
Molecule: natalizumab

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on 09/04/2020

I went straight onto Tysabri, due to the aggression of the MS & after a couple of sessions of steroids that only helped whilst they were in my system and then a plasma exchange which was the start of my 'recovery'...ie a return to some form of my old normal. I have been on it since July 2019 and since then regained my mobility & life, as was best described as paralysed prior to tysabri due to the relapses. I tell my people its time to go renew my blood glue when im off for infusions, as that is the best way ive found to describe what it is when asked.

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on 26/02/2019

First break for years.

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