Nutrition and Food to Live Better?

Published 9 Jan 2019 • Updated 4 Dec 2020 • By Louise Bollecker

Nutrition and Food to Live Better?

Food to heal

On Carenity, many members have shared their tips on how to make food their best remedy. Gluten-free diet, the balance between carbohydrates and fats, super foods... discover a wide range of publications on this subject and share your experience!

food and nutrition


Alcohol, zero tolerance?

The debate about the potential health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption has been an on-going argument. According to this study, the argument has been solved...read it and tell us what you think!

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Diabetes: our nutritional advice

Elisa Cloteau from Espace Mieux Manger in Pornichet, dietician-nutritionist, has agreed to give us all her advice on what to eat and drink when you have diabetes. (Re)read this interview in 3 parts!

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Benefits of eating less meat

These articles explore the potential benefits of eating less meat and the relationship between carbohydrates, meat and weight loss. What diet do you follow? Read the articles and share your opinions:

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For all the tea drinkers

This article boasts some great news for those of us who can’t resist a cup of tea! Studies have shown that certain tea can have cancer-fighting properties within it. Cheers to that, pop the kettle on and read our article!

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Christmas recipes

Christmas is a time of food and sharing recipes. Discover our discussion on Christmas recipes, take the opportunity to share your best tips!

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Sweet products for diabetics

Sugar-free jams and cookies, what about them? Are they allies or fake friends? Find out what our members of the diabetes forum have to say.

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Our forum dedicated to food

Did you know that one of our forums on Carenity is dedicated to this theme? Deficiencies, allergies, gluten-free diets... Feel free to enrich it with new topics!


Supplements can help with various medical problems and we highly recommend reading this article about the benefits of turmeric. It is known to help with inflammation, brain fog, memory and lots of other symptoms of chronic illnesses.

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We hope you enjoyed this article, please share your comments and tips on which diet you find helpful or whether you agree (or disagree!) with anything featured. Do you follow a gluten-free diet? Avoid carbohydrates? We want to know! 



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Author: Louise Bollecker, Community Manager France

Community Manager of Carenity in France, Louise is also editor-in-chief of the Health Magazine to provide articles, videos and testimonials that focus on patients' experiences and making their voices heard. With a... >> Learn more


Mrs E Larkin
on 11/01/2019

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 60 years ago & have followed a gluten free diet ever since! Always interested to hear other people with same and their experiences.

on 11/01/2019

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease when I was 49 but I had been a coeliac from birth I am gluten free and wheat free but my diagnosis was spotted when I nearly died I had plurossy twice anorexic and was suffering from brittle bones I had lost all my teeth because I had no calcium in my bones suffered with osteoporosis arthritis  depression low moods anxiety and PTSD also as the years went on I got liver disease on the border line of being a diabetic ,migraine, hypertension  ,and low blood flow to my heart which caused me to have angina now last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer I have had a mastectomy and radiotherapy  which now I have emphysema copd ,and lymphoedema  ,but I still stick to my gluten and wheat free diet plus all my other medications I dont come on here a lot because I get very weary and tired and I have loads of hospital and doctors appointments, and I also see cancer specialist  and nurses but this is some of my history take care love tiggs xxxx am now 64 I dont get my all clear for my breast cancer till ten yrs time 

on 12/01/2019

I gave up gluten a few years ago due to stomach issues, I had blood tests to check for Coeliac but it didn't show anything. I know that blood tests don't always show this disease, so I decided to do something about my diet and it has helped. I do occasionally treat myself to something with gluten in but only now and then. I try to include omega three in the form of supplements and eat a healthy diet. Though this is not enough where Osteoarthritis is concerned but it can reduce inflammation within the body so Its worth a go

on 31/05/2019

@wednesday @Tigger.co.uk @Mrs E Larkin 

Hello everyone,

A new American study published in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum has given some insights on diet and cancer.

About 80,110 new cases of cancer among people over 20 years of age in the United States are estimated to be caused by poor nutrition, representing 5.2% of new diagnoses of invasive cancers in 2015. These figures are about the same as cancers due to alcohol consumption.

Seven dietary factors were assessed: low consumption of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and dairy products, and high consumption of processed meats, red meats and sweetened drinks (such as sodas).

The majority of cancer cases were attributed to:

- Low consumption of whole grains
- Low consumption of dairy products
- High consumption of processed meat
- Low consumption of fruit and vegetables
- A high consumption of red meat
- And finally to a high consumption of sweetened drinks
The most diet-related cancers are colon and rectal cancers.

Do you eat a lot of the recommended foods? Have you changed or do you plan to change your consumption of harmful foods?

on 02/06/2019

I try to eat a balanced diet, but like most people like a treat now and again. I do eat a gluten free diet due to intolerance. I like to eat a vegetarian meal 3 times a week. I think everything in moderation is the key

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