The precise causes of psoriasis are still unknown, which means we cannot prevent the illness, but we can reduce how it affects everyday life.


To live well with the illness, it is important to adopt good hygiene habits to improve your state of health. For this purpose, it is strongly advised that you stop smoking and lose weight if you are overweight. Alcohol consumption should be reduced to a minimum or given up completely.
Since stress is a factor that makes psoriasis flare-ups more likely, it is advised to practice relaxation techniques in order to prevent outbreaks as a result of stress.


During prolong periods of sun exposure, patients should protect their skin using a sun cream of at least SPF 30 for the first few days, and then at least SPF 15 thereafter.
Skin dryness also fosters flare-ups. For this reason, patients are advised to protect themselves well against the cold, to consider using a humidifier if the humidity in their homes is very low, to avoid baths and to use moisturising creams regularly on both the face and the body.

Article drafted under the supervision of Doctor Edouard Begon, Hospital Practitioner, Dermatologist at Pointoise Hospital (95) and in Hospital St. Louis in Paris.

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