Symptoms of psoriasis

In psoriasis, small red plaques covered in flaky skin appear. There are various types of psoriasis that differ in terms of their cutaneous symptoms.


Each type has its own specific symptoms.
Plaque psoriasis is the most frequent type, making up over 80% of cases of psoriasis. The red plaques are well demarcated, thick and covered in white flaky skin. It appears most frequently on the elbows, the scalp, the back and the knees. It can develop in any part of the body, however.
Pustular psoriasis is a rare form. It involves white pustules appearing on the red plaques. They can arise on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet: this is referred to as palmoplantar pustulosis. The fingers are sometimes affected. 

Symptoms depending on location

Depending on the location in which it occurs, the psoriasis can take a specific form.

A kind known as inverse psoriasis is found in the folds of the skin (armpits, navel, stomach folds etc.). It is sometimes mistaken for thrush. It is often painful because the plaques are subject to constant rubbing due to their location in parts of the body that bend.
Palmoplantar pustulosis affects the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. Due to the fact that we use our hands and feet constantly as part of daily life, this is particularly painful and incapacitating.
Nail psoriasis is very common and occurs in around half of psoriasis patients. This type of psoriasis is the one most frequently associated with psoriatic arthritis. 
Scalp psoriasis is found very frequently, and it affects between 50% and 80% of psoriasis sufferers. It often causes itching, which aggravates the lesions.

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