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Premenstrual dysphoric disorder

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To be quite honest, I have experienced a low libido. Thankfully my husband understands and his libido is low as well--he in his early 70's and me in my mid 60's. Neither of us have a problem with the lack of sexual intimacy...we make up for it with other physical touch--hugging, cuddling, kissing. etc. I have broached the topic with a few close friends and shockingly, they are in the same boat.

My advise would be, don't listen to what other people are doing behind closed what works for you and your partner--you're not competing with anyone about anything. No two couples are alike, and what is natural for some, may not be natural for others. In my opinion, its only a problem if one of the two of you isn't comfortable with the way things are. If this becomes the case, then speak to your doctor to find out what help they can offer.

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