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Medication indications

Prozac 20mg hard capsules, and 20mg per 5ml oral liquid


Major depressive episodes.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Bulimia nervosa: PROZAC is indicated as a complement of psychotherapy for the reduction of binge-eating and purging activity.

Children and adolescents aged 8 years and above:

Moderate to severe major depressive episode, if depression is unresponsive to psychological therapy after 4-6 sessions. Antidepressant medication should be offered to a child or young person with moderate to severe depression only in combination with a concurrent psychological therapy.

Route of administration: Oral
Molecule: fluoxetine

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on 15/09/2019

I used to be on all sorts of medication when I was 15 i have been on valium, until it was stopped then i was put on prozac for a great length of time because i was suffering with PTSD because of the bullying at school ,etc i used to self harm ,i used to pull lumps out of my hair i had councilling as a teenager but i used to use a black eye pencil to cover the bald patches up so nobody could see the bald patches I couldn't tell anyone as my dad was living in a mental  hospital and my mum had everything to worry about him ,now i have low moods depression and anxiety now I take amitriptyline 2 at night ,but my anxiety is not brilliant as with all the illnesses and the breast cancer it doesn't help I have had councilling but that was only for 20 weeks and that is all finished now I dont self harm anymore as that has stopped so this is my meds now for depression Tiger

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