Our survey results on living with psoriasis

Published 29 Oct 2018 • Updated 2 Aug 2019 • By Louise Bollecker

The stare of others, self-confidence...patients share their stories of having psoriasis. For the occasion of World Psoriasis Day, we asked our French, Italian and British members a few questions to learn more about the impact of their disease on daily life. This is their story.

Our survey results on living with psoriasis

"Don’t go near her, she’s dirty, she has a dirty house"

36% of our members who responded to the survey have psoriasis that they would consider visible. For 31% of them, they would consider it very visible. Psoriasis plaques are mostly located on the elbows (71%) and scalp (69%), which can cause derogatory remarks: “scales get everywhere when scratching, on the sofa, in bed and on your clothes. It’s makes me very uncomfortable.”

"Went on holidays and didn't enjoy myself because I was self conscious of my skin…ended up just covering myself up"

62% of the members have a complex with their psoriasis. For nearly one in two members, the visual aspect of the disease is the most embarrassing element, ahead of itching and pain. And for good reason, as 66% of them have already suffered hurtful comments or have been disturbed by the stare of others. The challenge of going to the pool and putting on a bathing suit are two themes that our members regularly mentioned in our survey. Self-confidence and morale are the two aspects of daily life that are most affected by psoriasis.

"My sister didn't want me to touch her son for fear that I would give him my illness"

In supermarkets and shops alike, many members explained to us that cashiers or salesmen avoided physical contact, sometimes without tact. Professional life is also a subject that our members have talked about. The workplace does not escape its share of disappointments: “I am a nurse and in work I constantly get asked “oh, what’s that on your elbows!” In disgust usually. It’s as if I shouldn’t be nursing because they think I have a contagious disease. It always makes me feel awful, but I smile and brush it off.” Another patient, who works in catering, cannot wear a skirt, even when the temperature is close to 40 degrees because of the presence of her psoriasis.

Do you share these feelings?
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Survey of 116 members on Carenity platforms in France, Italy and the United Kingdom, October 19-26, 2018.


avatar Louise Bollecker

Author: Louise Bollecker, Community Manager France

Community Manager of Carenity in France, Louise is also editor-in-chief of the Health Magazine to provide articles, videos and testimonials that focus on patients' experiences and making their voices heard. With a... >> Learn more


on 03/12/2018
I have psoriasis all over I'm on humira but I have the joint disease caused by my skin condition I hate it most of the time I don't want to be a live any more it nafed my live the worst thing is I was born with it back in 1969 when not much was know about it so the things they done back then to me now means I now have liver disease caused by none alcohol liver disease

on 17/12/2018

I have Psoriasis on my face and I get plenty of looks and second looks as to say what’s that on his face I also have  psoriatic arthritis in my knees and I’m sure my specialist doesn’t know how to treat it surprisingly 

on 25/12/2018

on 23/05/2019

@bantam @DebsBowman @DebsBowman I had psoriasis as a child but thankfully, it seems to have gotten less and less severe as time went on. 

I can remember feeling very self concious in school though when we went to swimming classes.

on 28/10/2019

I'm having a new flare-up now, just as I'm getting ready to walk down the aisle!  

I think it's the stress of planning a wedding that pushed my body over the edge. Now I'm trying to calm myself down with yoga and meditation and with meds of course. It's better now, but I still get self-conscious sometimes. Especially with little ones who stare. they have no filter, haha.

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