COPD: "Yoga has improved my lung function!"

Published 13 Apr 2018 • By Josephine O'Brien

@QUince, a member of COPD community on Carenity was diagnosed with COPD in 2011 after having had pneumonia.

She tells us how she takes care of her health and manages her COPD through a healthy diet and exercise!

Read her story below!


Hello QUince, thank you for agreeing to share your story with us on Carenity!

Could you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

I am a 78-year-old female who lives alone, I keep the house clean and tidy and love gardening.

Could you please tell us how you were diagnosed with COPD?

In February 2011, I came back from Scotland by coach. Three days later, I thought I had the flu, so I kept in the warm and took flu remedies. But, by the end of the week I had a job trying to breathe and was in so much pain I had to get a visit from my GP who diagnosed me with pneumonia.

So it was on to steroids, antibiotics, and complete bed rest. After that I was diagnosed with COPD. I could have gotten the infection from the air conditioning in the coach.

Has anyone else in your family been affected by COPD?

No, no one in my family has or had COPD.

What treatments were you prescribed? Are you satisfied with them? Have they helped your COPD?

It was recommended that I use an inhaler first thing in the morning and that I carry one with me for use when needed.

I am very happy with my treatment, I have an annual lung function test and I can see someone at my surgery if I have a problem.

If I develop a cold it goes straight to my chest. So, I have a sputum chart to help me know when I have a chest infection so that I can take antibiotics straight away. I always have to keep a supply of them in the house. I also keep steroids in the house, but so far the antibiotics have been enough.

Have you tried any natural remedies, or other types of treatment (sport, diet, etc.)? What were the results?

I have tried a Cistus extract pipe, but it didn't help. I follow a healthy diet. I also use First Defence every time I leave the house to avoid colds. It works!

How has your life changed since diagnosis?

I do find it difficult walking uphill, so I use the inhaler I carry with me. The most difficult thing is to avoid catching a cold and walking uphill.

Would you say that you lead a healthy lifestyle?

I try to keep my weight between eight and a half stone and under nine stone. I took up Iyengar yoga last September and when I went for my annual lung function test in January I had gone up by 3%, which is amazing as lung function usually declines!

The conclusion we came to was that the Iyengar yoga had improved my lung function! I go Monday, Wednesday and Friday, each class is for 90 minutes. It's not easy, but I do what my body will allow. It has helped my whole body, so I will most definitely keep it up. Next year I hope to be even better.

What or who helps you manage your symptoms, flares and everyday tasks?

I live on my own, so I manage my own symptoms, flares and everyday tasks.

What advice would you give to other Carenity members living with COPD?

I would advise anyone with COPD to take up Iyengar yoga, even if you don't do any other sport. It's great for keeping your body in a better condition than before. I would suggest people look it up on Google and read how it can help you!

Many thanks to QUince for sharing her story with us on Carenity!

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Margarita_k • Community manager
on 13/04/2018

I'd like to thank @QUince‍ for her lovely testimonial!

If you have questions/comments about @QUince‍ 's experience, please leave a comment, and don't forget to tag her using "@" 

lesmal • Ambassador
on 17/04/2018

Thank you @QUince‍ for the lovely testimonial. 

It's great to know that you have found something that both helps your COPD and keeps you calm and relaxed. As we get older it is vital we look after ourselves. 

Hoping you go for regular check ups in the meantime, and and also enjoy your gardening.  

Take good care of yourself and keep well!


on 17/04/2018

Many thanks 

on 30/04/2018

Hello QUince,

You mention: "I have a sputum chart so I know when I have a chest infection so I can go straight onto Antibiotics".

Does the colour vary a lot for you? Mine varies between green and brown. I never really know when/if I have a chest infection.

Thanks Jackie

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