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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I think it's great that we can share our stories wih each other, it really does help to know you are not alone!

I was wondering if any of you are keeping a "symptom diary"? I was diganosed a month ago and my rheumatologist said I should keep a diary and note everything that makes my joints ache, or the pain worsen or go away, so as to learn more about the symptoms and triggers and all that and to undestand when it's AS and when it's not.

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Symptom diary?
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Hello...I,m new too. I live in a remote area of Indonesia so I don't have access to medical people like most people do. I was finally diagnosed five years ago after getting the go around for 30 years. I do have a neurologist who I am in contact with often but nobody here seems to know much about AS. I have just about lost the use of my legs and my arms are giving me trouble too. I have ten vertebrae affected from cervical x 4, thoracic x 3 and lower lumber x 3...also spinal cord stenosis cervical. I fractured the lower lumber 3 and 4 30 years ago by being butted by a bull...So all the medicos I have seen over the years have said it is all because of that...until someone had the bright idea to do an MRI which confirmed did the blood test. I am just about worn out with all the pain and tiredness...I do take Tramadol and Diazepam for muscle spasms, Cipralex and Amlodipine for an enlarged heart which causes high BP. As an "ex" nurse for 40 years...I know the results of nerve pain and such....but I have to go it alone and need help. Any ideas please. G

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