Have you changed to a different medicine from methotrexate?


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Ive been on MTX for 3 years now and although I only have minor flare ups about once a month I find Ive got so many more health problems. My biggest is that I have a restricted lung problem due to a partially paralysed diaphragm so I cant afford to get any chest infections. I am waiting for surgery but heaven knows when that will happen. I do not like being on MTX so has anyone changed to a different medication from MTX and if so which one and how is it? I only ever get a phone call from the RA Nurse once a year so no real monitoring going on altho I do have my regular blood tests which keeps showing high calcium readings. My GP is now looking into this.

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Have you changed to a different medicine from methotrexate?

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@BoxWood2 Hello BoxWood2, thank you for opening this discussion. I'm sorry to hear you've had a negative experience with methotrexate. If you haven't already, feel free to leave a review of it here, so others can be aware of its possible side effects: Methotrexate Fact Sheet.

Hello members, how are you today? Have you ever had bad side effects from methotrexate? If you switched away from methotrexate, which medicines did you try? Can you share any advice with BoxWood2?

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