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When taking medications it is essential to always remember that they can interact with other drugs, food, beverages, etc.

Have you ever had any issues with drug interaction? Or do you have to be careful about eating certain foods, drinking alcohol or taking other meds for other diseases?

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RA drug interactions
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I have RA. Since my diagnosis, I skipping alcohols, beverages and even reduced my Jun kombucha to give my liver a rest. Methotrexate already depleting my liver's health.  I used to drink a lot of tea, that has been reduced to one or two cups in the morning as caffeine reduces drug absorption.  Initially, I used to drink green juice every day. Recently I drink it every other day.  I am not sure if I should skip it totally or keep drinking it as I understand this boost immune system while drug suppresses it. Any advice on that will be helpful. 

Restaurant food and takeaway takeaways are no more in my life. Bit boring and depressing as my life is so restricted nowadays. 

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