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 I started taking 3 tablets a day of OCTASA and nine days in developed terrible stomach cramps and headaches. After a couple of days this subsided and was replaced with chest pains when breathing. I went into hospital last week and was discharged yesterday with no conclusive results.I started seeing symptoms of UC for 3 months prior to my diagnosis with none of the above issues so everything as far as I am concerned pointed to the side effects of the pills. What I had are all listed on the sheet albeit at the rare end but it seems very coincidental all the same.  

The hospital have now put me on a single tablet of Asocol as a replacement. 

Has anyone else suffered acute side effects?  

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OCTASA (mesazaline) side effects
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I was on Octasa found they were not as good for me as Asocol also they are a 

cheaper than didn't have any side effects though.

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