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Medication indications

Easyhaler Beclometasone 200 micrograms/dose inhalation powder

Beclometasone dipropionate given by inhalation offers preventative treatment for asthma. It provides effective anti-inflammatory action in the lungs with a lower incidence and severity of adverse effects than those observed when corticosteroids are administered systemically. It also offers preventive treatment of asthma.

Easyhaler® Beclometasone 200 micrograms/dose is indicated in the following:

Adults Prophylactic management in:

Mild asthma (PEF values greater than 80% predicted at baseline with less than 20% variability):

Patients requiring intermittent symptomatic bronchodilator asthma medication on a regular basis.

Moderate asthma (PEF values 60-80% predicted at baseline with 20-30% variability):

Patients requiring regular asthma medication and patients with unstable or worsening asthma despite prophylactic therapy or bronchodilator alone.

Severe asthma (PEF values less than 60% predicted at baseline with greater than 30% variability):

Patients with severe chronic asthma. On transfer to high dose inhaled beclometasone dipropionate, many patients who are dependent on systemic corticosteroids for adequate control of symptoms may be able to reduce significantly or eliminate their requirement for oral corticosteroids.

Route of administration: opinion.traitement.inhalation
Molecule: beclometasone dipropionate

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