Living with kidney cancer on a daily basis

Living with kidney cancer on a daily basis depends on several factors. Patients’ everyday life may or may not change, depending on their state of health and the stage of the cancer. Patients must receive support from their families and friends.


Living with an asymptomatic form of cancer

Kidney cancer is asymptomatic (with no apparent signs) for a certain time. People with kidney cancer live normally until the tumour is at a relatively advanced stage. Moreover, until this time, patients are generally unaware that they have kidney cancer.

Adapting the symptoms to everyday life

When the symptoms appear, the tumour has developed in the kidney tissues. Here is some advice for learning to live with the disease:
- Adopt a healthier lifestyle in everyday life: an active lifestyle and a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.
- Find information to help you understand the disease.
- Accept the disease so as to then be able to focus your mind on more positive subjects. To do this, you must seek help by talking about your disease with your friends and family, an association (self-help and support groups), or a professional (psychologist), as well as the Carenity social network.


The prognosis for kidney cancer will be made by the doctors. They will assess the harmfulness of the cancer and its degree of resistance to treatments. To do this, they will observe the patient’s state of health, and how the cancer is progressing.

Living with a signe kidney

Certain patients with kidney cancer undergo a total nephrectomy (removal of a kidney). However, many people live with just one kidney, either from birth or following an accident. Kidney failure does not seem to be any more frequent in these patients. Patients and doctors need to talk about this subject.

For further information about living with kidney cancer: Cancer Search

Last updated: 02/01/2020

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