Treatments for kidney cancer

Patients with kidney cancer undergo treatments specifically adapted to their particular case. The oncologist chooses either a curative treatment or a combination of treatments after observing the following points: 
- the stage of development of the kidney tumour
- the localisation of the tumour cells
- how both kidneys are functioning
- the patient’s general state of health



Surgical treatment: nephrectomy

Surgery is the most common treatment for kidney cancer. Nephrectomy is a surgical procedure that consists in removing all or part of the kidney. The extent of the surgery depends on the stage and localisation of the kidney tumour.

Palliative surgical treatment

Surgery can also be used as a palliative treatment for advanced stage kidney cancer. Palliative surgery relieves the patient’s pain.

Tumour ablation

Ablation of a kidney tumour is a rather rare surgical treatment for kidney cancer.


Why use a targeted treatment?

Drug-based treatments target the cancer cells. This treatment has the advantage of preserving the healthy cells.

Nature of the targeted treatment

The drug targets the proteins in the tumour cells in the kidney. This action prevents the growth and propagation of the cancer.


Arterial embolisation

Embolisation of the artery blocks the flow of blood into the kidney tumour. When there is no flow of blood, the tumour cells are unable to develop.


Immunotherapy is a treatment for kidney cancer. It stimulates the patient’s immune system, allowing it to destroy the tumour cells. 


New treatments: the objective of clinical trials

Clinical trials are in progress throughout the world to find other treatments for kidney cancer.

For further information about:
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Treatments for metastatic kidney cancer and immunotherapy: Cancer Search

Last updated: 13/03/2017

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